How it Works

Now, it's YOUR turn to choose who's cutest!

  • Enter & share a photo of your child to get votes from friends & family.
  • The 3 CuteKid photos with the most legitimate votes each month win!
  • PLUS - Get at least 40 votes and your photo could qualify as a Bonus prize Winner.
  • Joining the CuteKid is safe, easy and free to join. We've had over 7 million members since 2006.
Five CuteKids win every month!
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Second Place

Third Place

Bonus Winner

Bonus Winner

Tips & Tricks

Helpful tips and tricks to get your cutie closer to winning!

  • Enter at the beginning of the month
  • Get votes from family and friends
  • Anyone can vote, even non-members
  • Your votes count too – Vote daily!
  • Get 40 votes and qualify for a cash prize
  • More photos means more chances to win
  • A new gallery begins each month