10 tips for taking great pictures of your kids
by Teresa, The CuteKid™ Staff


Snap Snap Snap and more Snaps
When we pull out the camera we all hope for that perfect picture of our child. Yet the results are often less than desired. Here are some tips on how you can take great pictures of your kids.

1. Keep your camera close by. You never know when a candid moment might present itself.Pictures of Children
When my daughter began sticking out her tongue I tried to keep the camera close so I could capture it on film. Take your camera with you when you go places too. Capture the fun moments at the zoo or while swimming. Like this one of my son and his cousin in a giant egg.

2."Cheeser" smiles, as I call them, are common in older children. Instead of using their real smile they give you a stiff, fake version. The best way to combat this is to make your child laugh, then snap the picture while they are using their natural smile. You can also try to catch them unawares, instead of having them pose. Younger children also often need a familiar face to smile. So don't hide behind your camera (this is when digital cameras with screens come in handy) or get someone else to take the picture while you get your child to smile.

3. Make sure that you are familiar with your camera. Your children are not going to wait while you try to figure out how to use the zoom function or change the flash.

4. Take pictures when your children are unawares. Snap them going down the slide, playingPictures of Children with their dolls, or dancing around. Children are often more natural when they don’t realize you are taking pictures. You also get to see your child's personality and interests when snapping photos while they are engaged in play. This photo I took while my daughter was playing in the gutter next to our house when a sprinkler pipe broke.

5. Take pictures at the right time. Don't take pictures when your child is hungry or tired. If your child is involved in an activity don't stop them to take their picture. Wait until they're done or take a picture of them doing the activity. Don't force your child to get their picture taken. If they aren't interested wait for another time or day.

6. Take a lot of pictures of one event. The more pictures you take the more likely you are to find one that you like. With a digital camera it is easy to delete the photos that didn't turn out.

7. Zoom in to capture more detail. Or move around to get a different angle. You don't always have to shoot your child looking straight at the camera. Try capturing just your child's face. I love the angelic expression on my daughter's face in this picture. Or capture other details. My sister has a cute photo of just her three children's feet lined up next to each other.

8. Take pictures frequently. Children change and grow so quickly. You want to make sure that you all of those changes are documented. You might try taking pictures of the same event each year. Then you can see the growth of your child. When my children were infants I made sure I took a picture of them each month in cute clothes and in a special pose.

9. Don't neglect your younger children. The first child often gets more pictures taken of them because they are the first to do everything. By the time the second or third child comes along the first smile or step is not as monumental. Take the time to take pictures of your younger children, document their growth, and make them feel important.

10. Photograph your children with other people. Some of my favorite pictures are of my Pictures of Childrenchildren together, with their cousins, or other family members. Then your child can look back at the photograph and see how much they are loved. You might also try photographing your child with a favorite toy.

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