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Thanksgiving Games-Bringing Togetherness

Thanksgiving games are a good way to spend the afternoon. You can invite the neighborhood kids for a Thanksgiving kid's party. Thanksgiving party games are a fun way to build togetherness and also focus on the theme of giving thanks for the good things in life. But you'll need to do some planning and preparation to coordinate some great Thanksgiving activities.

Plan something for the kids. While you're busy cooking, kids can be playing games that are unique to Thanksgiving. There are plenty of ideas for Thanksgiving activities for kids on the net. Try any of these or simply adapt some of the games that kids normally play into special Thanksgiving Day Games!! Thanksgiving Games Here are some Thanksgiving activities for children:

"Pin the Feathers on the Turkey"

This is one of the easiest Thanksgiving games for kids. It is an adaptation of the game "Pin the Tail on the Donkey". Draw a large turkey on poster paper, without the fan of feathers. Separately, cut out the shape of a turkey fan with colored paper. Have older children blindfold each child, spin them around, and let them try to pin the fan on the turkey!

Gobble Gobble You're Getting Hotter!

One person (the hunter) is sent out of the room while the others players hide a picture of a turkey. Once the person comes back into the room, the hunter must find the turkey. If the hunter comes anywhere near the turkey instead of shouting warmer, or hotter, the other players shout, "Gobble, gobble!" If the hunter is getting very close, the other players can increase the frequency of their gobbling!

Thanksgiving Concentration

All can participate in this game. The first person starts the game by saying, "On Thanksgiving Day I ate turkey." The second player would repeat what the first player said and add something else to the menu like stuffing or cranberry sauce. The third play has to repeat what the first and second player said in exact order and add a third item to the Thanksgiving menu! As players take their turns they must recite what previous players have added to the menu in exact order and add one more item to the menu. Anyone who forgets any of the items or does not repeat them in the exact order is automatically out of the game. The last one left is the winner!

Pumpkin Race

You'll need two pumpkins and a soft stick to hit the pumpkin. Kids should be divided into two equal teams. This can be a relay race if there are many kids. The object is to push the pumpkin with the stick and move it to the finish line. The team who gets to the finish line first, wins the game!

Thanksgiving Wall Hanging

You will need construction paper. Tell your child to trace his hand, fingers spread and thumb extended outwards on the construction paper. Draw eyes, a beak and legs for the turkey hand. Have your child decorate the turkey with pieces of shells, macaroni or even small bits of tissue paper to look like feathers. This makes a great wall hanging!

Plan a time for family Thanksgiving games and activities. It is important to set apart a time for Thanksgiving activity that includes the whole family. Times like these can begin new traditions in your family that will form a memorable part of their childhood experience. Family activities can include playing cards or a board game, some outdoor activity, or even one of the games described above!
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Thanksgiving Games and Activities for Kids