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Simple No Sew Costumes
by Teresa, The CuteKid™ Staff


Create your own costumes... it's easier, cheaper and a fun activity!
Finding the right costume can be a daunting and expensive task. Yet for many parents sewing is just not an option. So try one of these simple no-sew ideas and start the night off right

CLINKY ROBOTMake Simple Costumes

Cardboard box or brown paper bag
Aluminum foil or silver spray paint
Caps from detergent, milk, or soda bottles
Triangle party hat

1. If you are using the brown paper bag cut the bag down the center on one side. Then cut a hole in the top for your child’s head and armholes in the sides. If you use a cardboard box tape both sides and turn the box vertically. Then cut the bottom off of one end and a head hole on the other. Cut armholes on each side.

2. Cover the bag or box with aluminum foil. Use hot glue to hold it in place. Or spray with silver spray paint.

3. Paint detergent, milk, or soda bottle lids different colors and attach them with hot glue to the robot’s body.

4. Cover a party hat with tin foil for the robot’s hat


MOO COWNo Sew Halloween Costumes

White sweat suit
Black felt
Double-sided tape
Face paint

1. Cut spots out of the black felt and use the double-sided tape to attach them to the sweat suit.

2. Burn one end of the rope with a match so it doesn’t fray. Then fray the other end of the rope for the tail. Attach the tail with a safety pin.

3. Cut out ears from the felt. Attach them to the headband using hot glue or a safety pin.

4. Color your child’s nose black with face paint


SCARY SKELETONEasy Halloween Costumes

Black sweatshirt and pants
White felt
Fusible backing
Black and white face paint

1. Trace the shape of a skeleton onto white felt. Then iron it onto the fusible backing.

2. Cut out the skeleton shape and iron it onto the sweatshirt.

3. Paint your child’s face black then add the white skeleton shape over it.


How To Make Easy Costumes

Colored felt
Thin foam
White felt
Glue gun and glue

1. Cut four large circles out of the felt and two circles the same size out of the foam.

2. Sandwich the foam between two pieces of felt and glue in place.  Repeat with the other side.

3. Cut out two large M’s out of the white felt and glue one onto each circle.

4. Cut two strips of felt 6-8 inches long. Use glue to attach the top of the circles across the shoulders, make sure you leave room for your child’s head. If you want you could also attach strips at the sides of the circles.

To make the pumpkin follow the instructions for the M&M. But use orange felt and add a black felt jack-o-lantern face


How To Make No Sew Costumes

Green garbage bag
Artificial flowers
Bright-colored shirt

1. Remove the stems and centers from all of the flowers. Make lei by threading the flowers onto the string. You could also use smaller flowers to make a headpiece.

2. Cut the closed end off the garbage bag. Then cut two-inch strips around the entire bag, stopping within two inches of one edge.  Pull the bag onto your child then wrap tape around the bag to secure it to your child’s waist. Wear a bright colored shirt.


CLOWNEasy To Make Halloween Costumes

Colored felt
Sweat suit
Plain party hat
Double-sided tape
Face paint

1. Cut different sized circles out of the colored felt.

2. Attach the circles to the sweat suit and party hat using double-sided tape.

3. Paint a clown face on your child using face paint.


Halloween is a great time to connect with your child and be creative. Ask your child what they would like to be. Brainstorm different possibilities and then decide on something that you can both agree on. Use these simple tips when choosing a costume:

  • Remember that your child will need to wear the costume for a few hours while trick-or-treating. The costume should not be too heavy or impede their ability to walk.
  • Facemasks are usually not the best idea. Most schools do not allow them and they can obstruct your child’s vision. Opt for something that fits on top of your child’s head or face paint instead.
  • Remember dark costumes are not easily seen. So if your child’s costume is dark add some reflective tape on your child’s shoes, shoulders front and back, and headpiece (if there is one.)
  • If possible make or buy the costume larger than your child so they can wear a coat or jacket underneath their costume.

Remember to take pictures. Halloween is a great time to capture your child’s personality in costume.


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