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by Teresa, The CuteKid™ Staff


Halloween is a great time to play tricks and have treats of course. This year get your children involved in creative fun pumpkin decorating ideas for playing the great pumpkin trick. Itís a trick that all of the neighbors will love.

Every Halloween in our neighborhood we pass around the Great Pumpkin with its accompanying treats. In turn the neighbors pass on their own Great Pumpkin and treats. Itís fun to see the pumpkins in the windows and know that you started it all. My son gets a kick out of ringing the doorbell and then running away. The most important thing of this Halloween trick is not getting caught.

Start by buying or making homemade treats, enough for two to three of your neighbors. I like to make the treats because my kids love helping and it is more personal. If you live in a neighborhood where youíre not sure people would eat homemade treats than let your kids Halloween Treats For Kids choose something at the store.

Draw a pumpkin on an orange piece of paper or color a white piece. Add a traditional jack-o-lantern face with a black marker or cut the pieces out of black paper and glue them on.

On the backside of the pumpkin write the following poem:

Every Halloween the Great Pumpkin is found
Spreading treats and goodies around.
Enjoy this treat and when youíre through
Copy this poem on a pumpkin or two.
Share your own treats and happy youíll be.
Then post the great pumpkin for all to see.
Leave your pumpkins up till Halloween.
So we can see where the great pumpkins been.

When you have your Halloween treats and pumpkins ready wait until dark and sneak over to your neighborís homes. Set down the treat and pumpkin, ring the doorbell, and then run. Hide nearby to make sure that the goodies are picked up. If no one is home try someone else. You donít have to know the person you are leaving the treats for. The fun is in the Halloween trick.

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