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Developing A Positive

by Teresa, The CuteKid™ Staff


A positive attitude is so important in a world increasing in negativity and despair. Having a positive attitude means that you focus on the good things in life and do not dwell on the negative. Developing a positive attitude helps people cope with their lives and reduces destructive thinking. But having a positive attitude isn't something a child is born with. It is something that needs to be developed. As a parent we can help our children in developing positive attitudes about life that will help them as they face the challenges associated with growing up.

Teach your child to never say, "I can't." This statement makes a person feel inadequate. Using this phrase makes children feel badly about themselves. Help children realize that they may not always be able to do everything by themselves, but with help most tasks can be accomplished. If your child doesn't want to do something they should say, "I won't." That way they are taking control of the situation and are saying no not because of feelings of inadequacy but by personal choice.

Help your child learn to control internal dialogue. These are the things that we say to ourselves inside our heads. Children need to learn that when they start thinking negatively about themselves or situations that they can stop. Then think of something positive about themselves or their situation. For example if your child strikes out while playing baseball he may think, "I am so bad at baseball. I should just quit playing." He needs to learn to replace that negative thinking with a positive attitude and thought like, "I may have struck out, but I will practice harder and next time I will do it."

Being positive is a choice. I often remind my son when he is mad or unhappy that he has chosen to react that way. People and situations can make us feel badly but we choose whether or not to dwell on it and allow it to change our mood.

Find reasons to smile and laugh. Tell jokes, watch funny movies, tell stories. Smiling and laughing actually change your brain chemistry and make you feel better. A home full of laughter is a happy home. Just hearing the sound of my children laughing brightens my mood.

Love is a powerful force and it gives children a feeling of self-worth. The more a child feels loved the less likely they are to allow negative thoughts and thinking into their life. Say, "I love you," often, even if your child acts like they don't care inside they need the reassurance that you do. Be liberal with physical affection. We are physical people. Research shows that babies left in orphanages who do not receive any physical contact suffer from it. Give your children hugs, pats on the back, or high fives. My children can't go to bed without their nightly hugs and kisses.

Learning something new helps a child feel proud of herself. It increases confidence and provides something for her to focus on. Having a hobby that she is good at is important. We all need something that we can be good at. This could be playing a sport, musical instrument, or as simple as being a loving child. Whatever it is let your child know that you recognize and value their skill.

Teaching your child to have a positive attitude will build self-esteem and confidence. Developing a positive attitude will help your child have a successful, independent and a self-reliant life. People naturally gravitate towards positive people. So parents start helping your child develop a positive attitude today.

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