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Victor Mills, the founder of Pampers, invented the first disposable diapers after years of experimenting on his grandchildren in the 1950s! He was working as a chemical engineer for Procter and Gamble. According to, Pampers began their company with a line of revolutionary diapers back in 1961. In the 1970s Pampers introduced diapers that used tape instead of the old-fashioned pin, along with several new diaper sizes. The original diapers were heavy and bulky made of fluff pulp, rayon and a polythene back sheet. Pampers has been re-designing the style over the years. In the 1980s Pampers came up with the thinnest diaper using material that kept babies drier and more comfortable. Right from the beginning, Pampers knew how to pamper you and your baby!

Today, Pampers has the best line of diapers from premature sizes to Size 7, including diapers that breathe, and have a protective lotion lining to keep baby's bottom soft and free from rash! Pampers has also introduced a whole line of products through the years which include training pants, wipes and disposable bibs, to name a few. Today Pampers is found around the world. Search USA for more information.

The Pampers Parenting Institute provides parents with expert information on child health and development. It conducts various programs for parents and child health care professionals. The advisory board consists of maternal/child health care professionals. If you are looking for more information about the Pampers Parenting Institute, contact

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