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Pampers Ads and Commercials and the Baby Magic!


Pampers commercials are some of the most endearing baby commercials you've seen. While Pampers uses numerous media channels to advertise its products, it is very selective about where it advertises their products. Pampers has held a reputation for keeping one of the cleanest corporate images! All in tune with their line of products.

You'll find Pampers ads on printed media, television commercials, and radio channels. Soap operas that are produced by Procter & Gamble, like 'As the World Turns' and 'Guiding Light' all carry commercials of Pampers. Pampers also advertises through placement. For instance Pampers paid a huge amount of money to have their product used in the movie Three Men and a Baby. In addition, Pampers has paid for product placement in programs like 'Make Room for Baby'. Another approach to promote the sales of Pampers through advertising is through their Direct Mail program, through which they offer samples or coupons directly to mothers with babies.

Right from its inception Pampers advertising has focused on a mother's loving instinctive protection towards her baby with an emphasis on the trustworthiness of Pampers. Those who watch these commercials adore the cute little babies that are used on Pampers ads and commercials. You can find full-page ads in magazine and other print media resources. These ads and commercials not only cater to maternal instincts but also provoke the viewer to make an informed decision to choose Pampers based on statistics and proven science.

Pampers ads and commercials offer a variety of ways to introduce a new type of Pampers, such as Baby Dry Stretch. In these ads they reiterate that Pampers is the driest and therefore most comfortable diapers over and against any competitive brand. The Silent Night commercial was a big hit. It wasa quiet commercial that spoke loudly to send the message that Pampers offers the best in baby comfort and therefore provides undisturbed, silent sleep. In the recent years, Pampers has been bringing the world's babies together by bringing together their global commercials. A trusted name since 1961, Pampers has been wooing the world, one Pampers commercial at a time.