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Some kids just love to perform! Especially if there's a responsive audience! They are born for the stage or for a career in the spotlight. If your child has this type of personality, you should contact your local kid model agents. This could turn out to be the golden opportunity to connect your child to a world of stardom and fame. Your child will only be a kid for so long. You can enhance your kid's childhood by exposing them to the world of kid modeling. Along with his/her academics at school, this will provide another avenue of education and a completely different learning experience. The years will fly by quickly! Start looking now for opportunities through kid modeling agents.

Kid model agents are not as hard to find as you might think. Look for ads in your local newspapers. Check out your local malls. Children's shops and the children's section in department stores also sometimes have information. You can also search the Internet.

As much as your kid may be keen and excited about opportunities to model, make sure you sit with your child and help him or her to understand a few non-negotiable guidelines.
  • Never allow your child to contact the kid's model agent or a professional photographer on their own.
  • Never allow your child to be unattended with photographers or agents. As parents, you should be with them during these times, giving moral support, encouragement and providing protection for your child.
  • Your child should understand that you will attend all modeling sessions.

Some safety tips:
  • If you are using the Internet, never type in any personal information such as contact address. Correspond by email initially. Later on after you have checked out the agency, you may choose to provide a telephone contact.
  • Always do a background check of the agency, the Better Business Bureau is a good resource in regards to the agency's credibility.
  • Make sure the kid modeling agency is complying with all state laws regarding the protection of children.

To help you through this process we have provided a list of top child model agencies. Check out ones which are the closest to your home town:

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