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Big Kid Birthday Parties

by Teresa, The CuteKid™ Staff


Planning for big kids birthday party can be a challenge. You want it to fun but more grown-up. Since as your child gets older they are probably not going to be interested in playing traditional party games like pin the tail or musical chairs. But they will still want activities. Here are some kids birthday party ideas that you can use when planning a birthday party for your kid.

Let your child have a say in planning the birthday party. Make sure that you run the birthday invitations, activities, and food choices past your child before making a final decision.

Have a destination party. Your child could invite a few friends and go to a swimming pool, bowling alley, fun center, roller skating rink, or a movie. You could have cake and ice cream and open presents before leaving your home or at the destination.
Throw a slumber party. This birthday party idea especially appeals to girls. Make sure you have plenty for the kids to do. Offer craft activities, have a movie marathon, play board games, or give each girl a make over and let them do each otherís hair.

Think of planning for big kidís birthday party at a park, where kids can play a game of basketball, softball, frisbee, or soccer.

Ponder over ideas & theme for big kids birthday party that appeals to older kids like a luau or Mexican fiesta. Center the invitations, games, and food around the theme.

For older children forgo the traditional treat bag. Instead spend a little more money and buy a gift for each child. For girls it could be a bottle of nail polish, lip-gloss, or scented lotion. Boys would like a hacky-sack or can of silly string. Then set out a bowl of candy and allow each child to fill a small sack at the end of the party. If you do a destination party you can forgo any party gifts.

Make the party food a little more grown up. Provide cans of soda instead of juice-drinks. Bigger kids have bigger appetites and like things like pizza or nachos. You could also allow the children to decorate their own cupcake instead of doing it yourself. Just offer a variety of toppings and let them create.

Older kids still like prizes. So if you are playing any type of kids game provide a small prize for the winner. A candy bar is always a good choice.

Whatever you decide to do remember that the last thing your big kid wants to do is feel like a baby, so use some of these ideas and make the party a little more grown-up.

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