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Increase The Romance

by Teresa, The CuteKid™ Staff


Romance – isn’t that something that happens just when a couple is dating? Doesn’t romance end after marriage? For many couples it does but that doesn’t have to be the case in your marriage. You can bring back romance in a marriage.

Often life seems to get in the way of romance. It was easy when you were single and dating. There was just the two of you. You both went out of your way to let the other know that they were important and special. Then the kids came along. Along with children came the soccer practices, homework, and a multitude of other responsibilities. Then when you factor in work and responsibilities around the home it seems like there really is no time for romance. With so many things to do and so little time something else always seems to come first. But isn’t your spouse the most important thing in your life? Shouldn’t your relationship be a higher priority than soccer practice or having a clean house?

If you can’t seem to find time to fit romance into your life then schedule it. When you were dating you would set a date and time to meet. So continue the practice to increase romance. Schedule a time each week when you and your spouse spend some time alone. Plan for romance. Get a sitter for the night or just put the kids to bed early and stay home together. Recently I was talking to a friend who said every Friday night her parents would ban the children from the family room and watch a movie together. They couldn’t afford a babysitter every week but they did take the time to be together. My husband and I usually get a babysitter once a month. The other three weekends we spend our date night at home. Since our children are young we put them to bed at 8:00 and watch a movie or play games together.

Couples that are more romantic tend to have a stronger marriage. The bond between them increases. Studies have shown that couples that spend more time together are better prepared to face their week. The reason is simple while spending this time together they are better able to work out small problems, discuss important issues, and basically get on the same page with each other. This causes things to run more smoothly. Increasing the romance also provides couples with down time when they can relax and regroup. It also helps improve the way that people see and interact with each other. After a date night you will look at your spouse more the way you did when you were dating and head over heels in love.

Romance does not have to be grandiose. Being romantic does not mean a dozen roses and a limousine ride (although this is nice on the special occasion). Often the small things are the most precious. Things like a love note, praising your spouse’s accomplishments, saying thank you for the things your spouse does, or complimenting your spouse. Whatever you do remember that in order for your marriage to survive you need romance.