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Dads and Sons Strengthening the Bond

by Teresa, The CuteKid™ Staff

There is a special bond between a father and son. Maybe it's because the son will carry on his father's name or because a father has someone that they can share their hobbies with. Whatever the reason that bond is there. But if father son relationship is not nourished it will weaken and eventually disappear, especially during those teen years.

Sharing your hobbies with your son is a great way to connect and strength father son relationship. Whether it is baseball, fishing, or golf. Take the time to start teaching your son and involve him in your hobby while he is young. Spending time on a hobby will help build a stronger relationship with your son. It will also give you an area that you can connect in during those trying teen years. Participating in a hobby that both of you love gives you common ground and a reason to spend time together.

My husband loves to ride dirt bikes. He goes at least once a month with his buddies and spends a Saturday riding in the mountains. Last Christmas, my son received his own dirt bike. My husband wanted to make dirt biking a hobby that they could share. Now at least a few times a month my husband and son go riding together. My son loves it. He feels so special because he gets to go with his dad. Although it will be a few years before the two of them can ride like my husband does with his buddies he enjoys the time spent with our son. It has already strengthened their father-son relationship and will only continue to do so.

Sometimes sons are different than their fathers and do not enjoy the same activities. Then it is up to the father to find a way to bond with his son. If your son isn't the athletic type you could play games together or build a puzzle. Try reading to your son or when he's a little older reading the same book and then discussing the plot and characters. If the father is the one who lacks the athletic ability you can still get out there and throw around a ball. Let your son play sports and then support him by attending his games. You don't have to be a great athlete to play sports together, especially when your son is young. As your son improves you will probably find that you will too.

Doing hobbies together is more than just spending time together. Often during those times a father is teaching his son valuable life lessons. Bobby Curan writer for Midweek remarks that his father taught him more than just playing basketball but other important lessons that he plans to teach his own boys "like perseverance and grace, and understanding that what they achieve is related to how hard they work, and that they be humble in victory and gracious in defeat." His love for his father is greater because his father took the time to strengthen their bond.

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