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Free And Fee Online Baby Contests Difference

by Teresa, The CuteKid™ Staff


There are two main types of online baby contests: those that offer the service for free and those that charge a small fee. You might be thinking why would I ever pay to enter my child in a baby photo contest when I could do it for free. This is best illustrated by explaining the differences between the two.

Some winners of free online baby contests like those sponsored by Kelly and Regis or Good Morning America received cash prizes as well as their picture on the cover of a national magazine. If your child does win the cute baby photo contest they will receive instant
national recognition. Unfortunately the photos of many babies are entered and the contest
is only held annually. This greatly limits the chances of your baby winning. Plus these contests are only for babies and toddlers.

Other free online baby contests just feature your kids photo on their website. They allow viewers to vote on their favorites and the winner is determined by tallying the votes.
Instead of professionals voting on the winner it is determined by popularity of parents and relatives. These contests are great to place on your childís resume but they donít provide your child with any exposure.

Online baby contests that require a fee also fall into two categories. The first type is usually a fraud. Parents pay a large fee to enter the contest and then never receive the benefits. Some companies promise to send a book with the kids photo published in it, yet rarely deliver. If they do it doesnít mean that your kids photo has been seen by anyone in the modeling business, just by those who printed the book.

Other fee-based online baby photo contest are legitimate. As a parent choose a cute baby photo contest that offers prizes in line with the cost. Choose a company that has a solid reputation. Look for online baby contests that are judged by professionals and not just parents. is a reputable fee-based online photo contest. Cute Kids features monthly contests for children ages newborn to twelve. They also give away over $65,000 worth of prizes every year. They have a panel of professional judges that vote for the winner of each monthís baby photo contest. You can be sure that with Cute Kids your childís photo is being seen.