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5 Simple Ways To Connect With Your Spouse

by Teresa, The CuteKid™ Staff

With the grind of daily life, balancing jobs and kids, our spouses are often overlooked. Yet having a great marriage will ensure that everything else in your life runs smoother. So don't overlook the most important person in your life your sweetheart. Here are five simple ways that you can connect with your spouse on a daily basis.

Eat breakfast together. Make it a habit to start your day by eating together. Even if it's only fifteen minutes it's a time for you to start the day off right. It gives you a chance to discuss the day's schedule, your children, and jobs. And let that special someone know that they are a priority in your life. My husband rarely actually sit down to eat breakfast together but we are in the kitchen at the same time. He eats breakfast while I pack lunches. But we do use that time to connect and talk about our upcoming day.

Talk during the day. Everyone gets a lunch and shift breaks. So time your phone call during those break times. You don't have to say much just let your spouse know that you are thinking of them. My husband always calls at least once a day to just say hi and let me know I'm loved.

Eat dinner together. Eating dinner together is valuable for the entire family. Yet it is often pushed aside by busy schedules. Try making dinner time a priority in your family. It will improve and increase family communication and connectedness.

Turn off the T.V. It is easy to watch television instead of talking with your spouse. I know my husband and I are guilty of it. But instead of watching that last sitcom turn the television off and really talk to each other.

Share the stories. Don't leave all of your communication to emails or phone calls. Save the best of the day's events for when the two of you are alone. Especially the funny stories, since it is much nicer to laugh together than alone. Couples who have been married for a while often find that they have nothing to talk about when together. But that is usually because the day's events have been scattered throughout the day in emails and phone conversations. So save those special moments for when you are sitting next to your spouse.

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