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Getting Your Child To Sit Still

by Teresa, The CuteKid™ Staff


Sometimes getting your child to sit still seems like an impossible task. Especially when you are trying to do their hair or take their picture. Here are some tips on how you can get your child for still sitting.

Get down and take the picture at their level. This prevents your child from having to look up or down. Having you right in front of them helps keep them more focused on you and prevents distractions.

To make your child sit still tell him a story. Memorize some fairytales like the Three
Little Pigs or Red Riding Hood and tell the story to your child while you are asking them to hold still. If you are entertaining they are more likely to sit and listen instead of moving away.

Put on a DVD or turn on a kidís show to help in childís still sitting. I always do and cut my kids hair in front of the T.V. While they are distracted by the programming I can get what I need to done and they donít run away from me.

If your child still sitting for a while. A couple of minutes is a long time to a little child. Let your child take a break. Allow them to get up and walk around a little. Try playing a game of ring around the rosy and then go back to the activity.

If your child wonít sit still while being photographed give them a prop to hold on to. Let them look at it and hold it. Try making your child familiar with the camera and then focus on their face and capture a smile. One time the only way I could get my daughter to sit still for a family picture was by holding a bear. Luckily the bear ended up not in the picture. But I decided I didnít care as long as she would sit still.

Donít expect your child to willingly sit down for a picture if you have taken them away from an activity or are in a new place. Plan your photo sessions for a time when your child is less active. If you go somewhere to take the pictures give your children some exploring time first. When we took pictures of my kids and their cousins at a neighborís house we allowed them to explore the yard a little, before asking them to sit still to be photographed.

Sometimes offering a distraction is best. When I want my children to sit still I like to give them a mirror. While they are busy looking in the mirror I can do their hair. My sister would put shaving cream on her daughterís legs and let her play while she cut her hair.

To calm your child down place your hand on top of their head. Your proximity and touch can remind them that they need to be still. This is a tip that I was taught in my education classes to help keep kids quiet in the classroom.

Keeping your child still isnít always an easy task. So when you find something that works for you use it and be grateful theyíre still.

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