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Using Props In Pictures

by Teresa, The CuteKid™ Staff

Sometimes the difference between a good picture and a great picture is the prop. Props for pictures can serve a variety of purposes.

Props can create a background scene. Posing your child in a field of daisies, in the woods, or a pumpkin patch creates a wonderful background with your child at the center. Child picture with a Ball prop
Child picture with a Seat prop Props can act as a seat for your child. A tree stump, large pumpkin, or rock makes a great seat during a photograph. One of my favorite pictures of my son is when he was four months old. I set him in the bed of his large dump truck and took a picture. I've taken numerous pictures of my girls in their little rocking chair.
Props for pictures can create a certain mood. You've all seen pictures of a child holding a single rose or wearing angel wings. These items create a soft, dreamy mood. I love the picture of my daughter holding her Winnie the Pooh. The beloved prop creates a playful mood that expresses my daughter's personality. Child picture with a winnie the pooh as prop
Child picture with a Toilet paper rolls as prop Props in pictures can tell a story. If you prop a fishing hat on your child's head and place a fishing pole in his hand your picture tells a story. Snow scenes take on new life when a snowman is added. Take pictures of your child while swinging on the swings, playing in the pool, or digging in the sand. The props in the picture will tell the story. Like the time my daughter unrolled four rolls of toilet paper. Then grinned at me with an innocent smile when I snapped the picture.

Note: All of the photos used are personal photographs of my children

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