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5 Tips To Ensure Modeling Safety

by Teresa, The CuteKid™ Staff

The modeling world can be a dangerous place for adults but for minors it is even more important that they and their parents follow some basic rules in order to ensure their personal safety.

1. Never let a minor (child under age 18) contact an agent or photographer. Not everyone who says they are a photographer or agent really is. A child predator may pose as a talent scout in hopes of luring and trapping a child. Professional agents and photographers will only speak to the parent or guardian of a child. Since the parent is legally responsible for making all decisions regarding the child. Only the parent can sign a modeling contract so professionals don't even bother discussing details with the minor. If someone professes to be a professional photographer or agent and wants to deal directly with your child, refuse, and notify the police. The person is probably a child predator.

2. Attend all events with your child As a parent you are responsible for your child. Legally parents must attend all photo shoots, modeling jobs, and meetings with agents. Parents are the only ones who can make legal decisions and by law are required to chaperone. Parents must be available to stay the entire time their child is on location. They must be there to sign any paperwork or releases necessary. If your child's modeling qualities gets recognized, their child modeling career could become your full time job.

3. See if work permits are needed. Many states require that children get a work permit in order to legally take any modeling job. The reason is that children are required to attend school and most modeling jobs are during school hours. So the state wants to know the reason why your child is not attending school. Also children under a certain age are not allowed to work and must have a special permit before doing any type of job.

4. Don't display personal information online The Internet is an incredible and dangerous place. There are many opportunities for young models to display their picture in hopes of being discovered or receiving modeling jobs. There are also many Internet predators who prowl sites looking for minors. Never put the last name, phone number, or address of a minor child on any website. You may need to supply the information for registration purposes but make sure that it is not visible to the public, especially next to the photo of your child. Any personal information provided can be used to track down the location of your child.

5. Always know what type of work your child is doing. Be aware of the type of work that your child is doing and who will be viewing their photographs. Recently Internet sites have cropped up in which young girls are being photographed in seemingly innocent poses wearing different types of clothing. Adult men are the ones viewing the girls' photographs and getting pleasure from their poses. If you are not comfortable with the photographing, poses, or use of the pictures don't allow it to happen. As the parent you are in control.