Child Modeling Sites

Child Modeling Sites

Have you considered child modeling sites? You should think about it seriously if your child is just the cutest little thing and everybody else seems to think so too! Everywhere you go your little one gets a lot of attention. You may find total strangers come up to you and say how adorably sweet your child is. Whether you're in the mall or at school, at social events or traveling - your child is usually noticed and complimented. And what's more, your child loves it! She or he loves the attention, feels comfortable with strangers, and even tolerates the pinching of the cheeks or the light patting on the head!

So maybe you have considered or should consider your child for child modeling. What an exciting opportunity for your child. The photo sessions are not taxing and will not take your child away from school curriculum. In addition to school academics, your child will get an exposure that few children are privileged to have a chance for modeling, and even making some money for your child's future college funds.

Where do you look for such opportunities? The web is full of child modeling websites and the talent agents are continuously looking for top child models. Google and take a look at some of the sites that offer your child opportunities to be picked up by child talent and casting agents. Remember, not all child modeling sites are reliable and safe. In fact, they can be a fake front for hosting child pornography. Many such cases have been discovered such as this one: The worldwide web is huge and it is difficult to police all the content on the web. As parents, it is your responsibility to make sure the sites you enter your child are totally safe. How can you tell? Here are a few tips:
  • When you open the site, watch out for the kind of pop-ups, ads and other programs that load up with the site. If there's anything that triggers an alarm for your child's safety, keep absolutely clear of such sites.
  • Make sure the site is registered with the Better Business Bureau. If you are unsure about the site, you can call the Better Business Bureau and ask them how trustworthy the site is.
  • Authenticate the site by going through third party verification. You can use Google or Delicious to do this.
  • Browse through the entire site. It should display a structure and purpose which is clearly defined.
  • Take a look at the pictures that are displayed of children on the site. A truly reliable site will usually have simple mug shots of children or in activities that are appropriate for the age of the child. Children who are displayed in skimpy clothes or offer an invitation for personal chatting or contact with the children should arouse your suspicions. You should report such sites to the Better Business Bureau.
  • Is the site charging a fee to view more pictures of children or offering videos on purchase? If these children are not selling any products, if there is no link to purchasing any of the clothes they are modeling and the sole purpose seems like they are making money by selling pictures or videos of these children, the site is most likely a fašade for child pornography.
  • A trusted child model site will display their contact information prominently, either an address or telephone number, or even both. Contact themand talk to the people representing the child modeling site.
  • Look for testimonials on the site. Children who have received child modeling roles, or have been cast on commercials through registering on the child modeling site will lend much credibility to the site.
  • Does it have a section which offers the latest casting calls? The child modeling site that has the most casting calls from reputed casting agents will give your child the better advantage and opportunity.
  • Is the child modeling linked with reputed companies? Many children's companies such as toy manufacturers or chain department stores like to link themselves with child modeling sites and use these portals for easy access for finding the right model for their promotional ads.

Child Modeling Sites
Child Model Sites

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