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Does Your Child Have Modeling Qualities?

by Teresa, The CuteKid™ Staff

All parents know that their child is cute. Many are even stopped by strangers and informed that their child is adorable. So it is no surprise that parents' wonder does my child have what it takes to be a child modeling starlet? Read on for some key child modeling qualities:

Photogenic Quality Looking great is important, but even more important is how your child looks in pictures. Some children just have an innate ability to smile sweetly and pose for the camera. Then there are others that are adorable in real life but their cuteness just doesn't transfer to film.

Ability to Separate Can your child easily separate from you? The ability to go to other adults and enter new situations without fear is important, especially in infants. Casting and modeling directors do not wait for your child to get used to the lights, set, or other actors. You will be in the same room with your child, but he will be alone in front of the camera.

Outgoing Personality A child who is a shy, wallflower in public will not enjoy modeling no matter how cute they are. A child who is comfortable with themselves and around adults - one of the major child modeling qualities- will do the best.

Follow Directions How well can your child follow directions? My youngest daughter is adorable and photographs like a dream, but she is not good at listening. In most cases child models need to be able to follow the director's instructions.

Sit Quietly If you have a two-year-old that can sit quietly for extended periods of time then you are lucky and I am truly envious. But even more important your child has a quality that will help them be a good model. Modeling assignments often require a child to sit still and pose, not to mention all the waiting while sets, lights, and props are arranged.

Size In the modeling and acting world a child who is smaller than average for her age has an advantage over other kids her age. Because of her size she can play younger roles and have more maturity and experience than a child the exact age that they are playing.

Desire Once your child is old enough to express himself he must have a desire to be a model. Sometimes modeling is tough (rejection, hours, missing school) and if the desire isn't there the money won't be worth it.

Do you think you child has the potential to be the next top model? Submit their cute pics to our baby photo contest and let the pros decide.