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Think your baby could be the face of Pampers? Join the Pampers cutest baby/toddler photo contest. Your baby could be a Pampers boy or a Pampers girl for a week. You've probably photographed your baby's every pose, mood, and smile! Why not enter your baby's best photo in the Pampers baby contest? Winners are selected each week and each winner gets a Pampers Gift Certificate.

Only one photograph is allowed so choose your best photo! (No nude photos, please). Write a short description or caption for your baby's photo which includes your baby's name and age. Try to keep the photograph small. You may have to re-size a bigger photo.

The Pampers baby contest is full of variety. There is a different theme every week! Check out each week's theme every Friday morning. You have time to post your baby's photo for that week until the next Friday.

The top five contestants will be posted on a poll and then the voting begins! Winners are chosen each Monday. Each week's winners will be announced Friday morning along with the next theme.

Your baby could be the next Pampers model for a week! The competition is open to babies from newborn to 1 year and up.

Please register your details with before entering the Pampers baby contest.

Follow this link for more details on the Pampers baby contest.

Did you know that Pampers was originally developed by Victor Mills who wanted disposable diapers for his granddaughter in 1960? Victor worked as a chemical engineer for Procter & Gamble. He perfected and launched his first diaper in 1961 under the Procter & Gamble banner. Thus began the history of the famous Pampers diapers and their ads of the happiest Pampers baby! Victor's drive for innovation and excellence has made Pampers the most trusted choice in baby care.

Today Pampers is not just about making the best diapers, but the Pampers Parenting Institute also offers parents a world of information on child development and health care. All of these efforts together make Pampers babies some of the joyful babies in the world.

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