Taking Kid Pictures This Halloween

A good picture keeps memory afresh. I still see the picture of my son on his fifth Halloween. My son was terrified seeing a haunted home decoration and about to cry. His expression was so obvious that my husband took a quick picture before we explained that there is no ghost in the pumpkin or the scar crow will never run behind him. My son is 10 years old and still sees the photo to remember the scary old day.

In Halloween there so much to capture that you often gets confusing. Find below few tips that has helped our family take some memorable Halloween picture of our kids.

1. Rule of thirds:
While taking a photograph, mentally divide the frame into three equal parts - both horizontally and vertically. Try placing your baby or focus point at the intersection point and not on the horizontal or vertical line.

The Rule of thirds is a basic principle for experienced photographers; for novices, this is a golden rule.

2. Take many photos:
Take as-many photos of your baby as you wish. You may not realize the value of the photo until you have seen it later.

Digital cameras have eliminated the age-old practice of being a miser for taking a photograph. Use it to your advantage.

3. Be careful…its dark:
Halloween means Darkness. Taking pictures in darkness is difficult. Try using low flash light and shutter speed – of the camera allows. For digital cameras, change the settings to suit the dark (or low light) location.

A good idea would be to do a dress rehearsal with your baby before Halloween.

4. Be vigilant for the right angle:
Babies seldom give the perfect expression or angle to shoot. Especially when everything around is scary. Be alert and wait for the right angle to tale a picture.

A way to lure the baby is to holding her favorite toy or cloth near the camera while taking the picture.

5. Enhance the pictures by props:
The props used in the picture convey the mood of the moment. Enrich the picture using all major Halloween props Jack-o-Lanterns, Costumes, skeletons etc. Sometimes, you could even think of making the baby not being the focus point of the picture.

With years of experience in photographing my sons and a daughter. I think the best picture comes out when baby are just being natural. For me, there’s no picture like the one which capture candid expressions.

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