How To Host The Cutest Valentines Day Themed Baby Shower

Happy Valentines Day! Babies and love go hand-in-hand! Host the perfect Valentines Day - themed baby shower by using the cutest decorations and the most creative decorations ever! Heres how:

Start off by taking a heart-shaped cookie cutter and cutting heart-shaped jelly and cream cheese sandwiches. Then make some heart-shaped sugar cookies and sprinkle with red and pink sugar sprinkles. Finish off by making a batch of red finger jello guessed it, cut them into heart shapes!

You can also make a heart cake frosted with pink frosting and topped with strawberries! If you really want to go all out, buy a chocolate fondue fountain and serve strawberries, pound cake, pretzels, cookies and cheesecake for dipping. Sprinkle red hots in the punch for a little extra kick! Serve heart-shaped candies, Hersheys Kisses and Valentines-themed M&Ms in candy bowls.

Give some festive favors to the guests - hand out chocolate hearts or heart soaps or give Hersheys Kisses tucked into cute organza pouches.

Decorate with red and pink balloons, plates and napkins and tablecloth. Cut hearts out of construction paper and hang from the ceiling with thread or fishing wire. Sprinkle heart confetti around tables and countertops.

Place pink tulips or red roses in vases around the room. For a centerpiece, find a heart-shaped basket and fill it with baby goodies such as blankets, toys, bottles, rattles, onesies and stuffed animals .

Make it a shower to remember by spicing it up with a Valentines Day theme! Guests will be so impressed with your creativity and party planning skills!

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