Cheap Baby Shower Favors - A Cute (and Inexpensive) Way To Go

Cheap baby shower favors are the way to go to help you throw an inexpensive, yet classy baby shower. A cheap baby shower doesnt necessarily mean a plain or boring baby shower. Au contraire, with a few cute ideas of some inexpensive baby shower favors, you can save money and still have a darling baby shower.

Anyone who has ever planned a baby shower is all too familiar with how much it can cost. Sure, the baby shower invitations dont cost that much, the decorations are a reasonable expense. But when you start adding it all together, it can get a little too expensive. You have the invitations, decorations, food, centerpiece, games, prizes, favors & a gift! It all starts to add up pretty fast.

So, Where to Cut Costs?
One of the best ways to save money at a baby shower is to buy or make cheap baby shower favors. Baby shower favors are a "Thank you for coming" item or memento that you give to each guest for coming to the party. They dont need to be expensive or elaborate; a little something sweet and thoughtful would be perfect.

How to Make Cheap Baby Shower Favors Cute and Memorable?
The single most important & meaningful touch that you can give to your baby shower favors is attaching a cute, heartfelt note to each favor. Use a fun thank you poem or a sweet note like, "Thanks for celebrating Julias little boy blue! The baby shower wouldnt have been the same without you!" A simple, meaningful note will make your baby shower favors worth a lot more than an expensive, impersonal party favor.

Here are some simple & sweet ideas for cheap baby shower favors:
* Scented or decorative candles
* Baby bottles filled with candy or chocolates (maybe Hersheys Hugs and Kisses?)
* Cookie Mix
* Bread Mix
* Soup Mix
* A Little Fruit Basket
* Novelty Soaps (in baby shapes, e.g. rubber ducky, baby bootie, pacifier, etc)
* Personalized candy bars
* Scented body lotion (Little bottles cost less than $1)
* Fun Hair Products
* Scented Hair Spray
* Fun Lipstick
* Cookies, brownies, anything tasty!
* Stationary - Any and all themes (baby, country, angels, stars, Winnie the Pooh, etc,)
* Diaper Candy Cups
* Nuts
* Scrapbooking Supplies - This is a fabulous idea for shower favors because you can inexpensively put together several different items to make a little gift basket. You can put as much or as little as you want/can afford.

A helpful hint: Buying your favors in bulk and/or at a dollar store is a great way to save money on your favors (and other party items too).

Favors you can eat are always a hit! Anything edible is usually a great idea for cheap baby shower favors, and are good for both the mind AND the body, cause they taste so good! Send your guests home with a little something sweet.

Once you have chosen your party favors, wrap them in clear cellophane bags (which are very inexpensive at any craft store) and tie them with a cute strip of ribbon. Then add a simple & sweet note, and Voila! You have darling (and cheap) baby shower favors!

With the ideas above, it is obvious that cheap baby shower favors can still be cute and fun! Remember that baby shower favors are a simple gesture of gratitude towards your guests for coming, so they dont need to be fancy nor expensive. Whatever favors you decide on, your guests will appreciate them and will have a cute (and inexpensive) favor to remember the baby shower by!

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