10 Baby Modeling Tips – Things to Know to Help Your Baby Succeed


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I payed the fee the first time I uploaded pics, i have sence uploaded more pics without paying and one of thee free pics was chosen by Parents mag for a contest.
- Debi
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A lot of people think their baby has what it takes to make it as a baby model. Not all of them can be, and it can be devastating to a parent when their child is turned down. Here are 10 baby modeling tips to help ensure that your child can become a successful baby model. First, you need to find a reputable modeling agency. There are a lot of agencies that only care about lining their pockets, even if means scamming you out of money. Make sure to do research about a company beforehand and read those contracts very carefully before signing.

Other baby modeling tips deal with photos. In the world of baby modeling, there is no point in having professional photos taken to show what your baby looks since their looks change so rapidly. Taking a picture at home will do just fine, as long your baby is shown clearly. Also, make sure the child enjoys it. Sure, the parent is going to love making money on the side, but be sure the child is reacting positively to the experience. If you are rejected, and you will be at some point, be sure to handle it gracefully. No agency will guarantee that they can find work for your baby, and you should not take it personally if your child is not chosen for a job.

Some other baby modeling tips include things like knowing what exactly agencies are looking for when choosing babies to represent. Only around 20% of applicants are chosen to be represented and even some of those will not be selected for modeling gigs. Modeling agencies do not just pick the prettiest or cutest looking baby. They may have a certain look they are going for, but that does not always mean the best looking baby. Looks only account for a small part of it. Other things like the baby’s temperament, attitude, behavior, personality, size and availability are always taken into consideration too.

The last of the baby modeling tips involves not falling for a scam. Many modeling companies will try to take advantage of you and your desire to have a baby model. Know that legitimate agencies make their money from commission, meaning that they only get paid when they find a gig for your baby. Never pay any kind of upfront fee, professional photo fee, or any kind of fee for things like test pictures. Also, never hand out money to scammers in malls claiming to be a talent scout for an agency.

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  • Judy N Figueroa

    I’m a professional makeup artist and i’m offering my service for free for pageant on beauty contest and for photo shoot on exchange of pictures.
    For more info you can find me on facebook,myspace or email me.
    I will love to make you kid look pretty that ever…..
    the best and good luck to all the kids.

  • teresa smith

    with all the information that was provided above for us about scams why was there a charge on your website to submit babies photos for the cute kid contest

  • jcl

    I agree with Teresa Smith’s question of concern above posted 03-14-10… It is clearly quoted in your article above about modeling tips that there is no fee, “It’s FREE to join and become a member and reem the rewards.” yet there is a catch in step 3 (after you submit the photos) THAT YOU HAVE TO PAY $19.95 for a registration fee. Please advise as it is of great concern now of a scam here and if all of your so called winners, prizes and model agencies are real.

  • NB

    I belive some parts of your online information are misleading and i speak with reference to the $19.95 charge per picture submitted upon entering contest. Try to imagine the number of persons who share the same sentiments. I speak for all concerned. We need some explanation and possibly a fix. We are the fuel to your business whether our kids are chosen or not. I think what you do is a brilliant idea, I just don’t think its fair to be seemingly deceiving when kids are involved. Its risky sometimes.

  • Carl

    Good tip about staying flexible and updating the ever changing look of your baby. Make it fun to smile for the camera at the start with a birdie from Get some great giggles and bubbly expressions that will light up the room!

  • Alli

    i am a little angry about the fee of $19.95. i have 3 children that i wanted to enter, but i thought that price was a little ridiculous considering you may not win or get any rewards in exchange.

  • Bill

    What about the $19.95 upfront fee that you’re charging? Wouldn’t this be considered an “upfront fee”? Using the guidelines you suggested above then wouldn’t this site be classified as a scam?

  • Nesa Coleman

    I agree with you guys….this registration fee is crazy and its a scam. What is if daughter doesn’t win….tthen my registration fee is going towards the winner. Not to sound greedy, but I didn’t sign up to help pay for no other kid to win and I sure these parents didn’t either. Scratch the damn fee!!

  • kristen

    yeah i thought the registration fee was a bit steep. i wanted to enter three pictures of my daughter but coundn’t afford it because it was going to cost me 60.00$ to do it. yeah it would be an honor to have my child chosen, but i feel like all the other moms and wonder if this site and its judges are even real. where is all that money going??????????? i sure would like to know.

  • Sharifah

    I didn’t mind paying the fee of $19.95 per picture. I believe sometimes you have to have money to make money. I also was thinking, how is The Cute Kid suppose to support your child with the winnings of a bond if they do not get support from us, and keep it going. You are taking a chance, not a guarantee that your child would be chosen. You chose this for your child, and things come along with it. We dislike the saying “life isn’t free”, but it’s not.

  • fabiana

    yea I agree why we have to pay to post a picture of our baby also how save are this picture and some parents can’t affort it
    parents please don’t pay anyone to post your child picture

  • Amanda

    The $19.95 fee is to enter the montly contest, not to register. I was able to post as many pictures as I wanted on her profile,and it WAS free. I think most people misunderstood that.

  • Jessica

    As far as the contest fee of $19.95 goes, I agree with it. The article is telling you that you should not have to pay a fee upfront to have your child enter an agency if it is legit. I personally have always paid an entrance fee for any contest that I have entered in. That is how they support the prizes that they give. The website does inform us that it is free to register and become a member of the site. There is no fee to add pictures of your child. Agencies do come on here and can see your child’s picture even if they are not part of a contest and can still be chosen by an agency. This website does offer FREE exposure.

  • Tamara Williams

    11x 14 picture has a 17.95 fee to mail it! with the 19.95 I paid a total of 37.00! Nothing was free.

  • Lisha

    The difference between cute kids and modeling agencies, is just that. Cute kids its not a model agency but a network that connects you to agencies. Your child may get recognition without the contest entry, but not as fast. I have chose not to enter my son in the contest, and to my surprise we were contacted by an agency, but we turned them down cause he didn’t want to this anymore. I entered my daughter and got nothing. You never know the model business is very unpredictable. The tips they offer are great for modeling not contest.

  • Ken Scullione

    You guys have been taking my money now it seems Like 6 months and I want it to stop now , my son has not in any way benefited from the 10.00 a month you are charging me.
    I have not received a phone call or letter from any one there in your agency, and the 19.95 for the photos up front is for what?

    I want you to stop taking money from my account as of today 2-3-2011.


    Ken Scullione

  • Gabi

    Good tips, the website is FREE to join and FREE to upload pictures so that when agents do look through it you can get some exposure and be contacted. The $19.95 fee is to enter your childs oicture in a CONTEST. A contest does not guarantee that your child will win. How do you think they come up with the prize money? Obviously if 20,000 entered the contest @ $19.95 then whoever the winner is would receiev X amount. Again this site is good information, you are not obligated to enter or pay any fees. This article is strictly talking about not paying AGENTS and PHOTOGROPHERS any upfront fees as your agent works off of commission.

  • Donna

    Hi, I totally dont agree with having to pay 19.95 just to submit your childs photo into a contest. I have 3 kids and that’s 60.00 everytime I want to enter them into a contest. I feel like they should have some free opportunities for parents to kind of have them motivated to want to pay the 19.95 because if we can download pics and there are scouts searching and we dont receive a phone call, why would it give us a possibility for hope that if we pay the 19.95 for a contest that they would actually get picked? I think parents would be more motivated if there was a greater incentive out of it, not for us but for the kids…like send some kind of additional acknowledgement, through mail, emails, phone calls…etc

  • Christina

    I Just Uploaded MANY PICTURES of my Daughter. I did NOT have to pay any fee what-so-ever… I think that many people are confusing the “CONTEST” with the “UPLOAD” process. If parents wish to JOIN their child in the Monthly CONTEST; then YES, their is a fee for each picture entry
    –B U T– Entering is a matter of choice & I chose not to enter my daughter in it. This IS a wonderful opportunity to get your child seen… They will either choose them, or they won’t, but either way I say GO FOR IT & MAY THE BEST BABY BE CHOSEN!! (Preferably, my daughter of course! LOL!) gOOOO Mia Zoe!! ;-)

  • Christina

    PS- Thanks for the article… it was VERY Helpful!! :-)

  • Sheena

    If they didn’t charge the fee for the contest there would be a a lot more kids and no prizes for the children to win. What fun would that be? That would defeat the point of having a contest. I have never entered a contest and not had to pay a fee. That is your choice as a parent to enter your children into the contest. So if your don’t want to pay the fee, don’t enter and just be thankful that you can put pictures on the site for free for people to look at.

  • Debi

    I payed the fee the first time I uploaded pics, i have sence uploaded more pics without paying and one of thee free pics was chosen by Parents mag for a contest.

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