How To Get Your Baby Into Modeling?


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hi my son is only four months old you just cant resist his smile he is the cudest baby i ever seen i need help on how to get him into magazines like ackermans,jet and woolworths
- nonhlanhla
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baby-modelingAs parents, we all believe that our baby is the cutest little one we’ve ever seen in the whole world and rightfully so. Every baby is beautiful. Some parents, who feel that their little one is a natural performer in front of lights and camera; take this opportunity to get their baby into the world of baby modeling.

Do you find people stopping by, to tell you how cute your kid is and he/she should be a baby model? Does your child have a natural talent or a charming personality that could make him a star? Do your friends and family members tell you that you should get your little one into baby modeling since you have a really cute kid? This is when parents begin asking questions about baby modeling. The most common question is, How Do I Get My Baby in Modeling?

Some of the best ways to get your kid started in baby modeling are: submitting baby photos to modeling agencies. Parents can also enter their child into online baby photo contests, online modeling contests, and traditional beauty pageants for more chances at being noticed by companies or agencies seeking a baby model.

Here is a step-by-step guide to get your little angel into the world of baby modeling-

1. Baby modeling agencies: Contact the modeling agencies to see if they represent child models and if so, what age does your child have to be. Some of the modeling agencies do have websites where you can always visit to read their age limits, model requirements and other details. Some agencies do not accept children or only accept children at a certain age, so this is very important to find out.  You can visit their website or call and ask what types of photos are required.

2. Baby Photo Contests: Baby photo contests are fun!  Some baby contests have talent industry professionals as judges; this can give your baby a good exposure to the modeling world. When entering your baby into a baby photo contest remember to take pictures of your baby smiling.  You can upload your baby’s photo on the website, and most of them ask for a small processing fee.

3. Baby Pictures for Modeling Agencies: Modeling agencies normally look for happy smiling babies, along with the baby’s clothing size for modeling work.  Do NOT pay for professional pictures when sending baby pictures into agencies (unless you are taking them anyway for your family album) because babies change so quickly.  Even if you get an agency to represent you, you will have to constantly send in updates to the agencies every couple of months, and professional pictures are not necessary.

Apart the steps mentioned above, it is also important that as a parent you should also focus on some essential points such as:

a. Is your baby really a model material? If your baby is the happy go lucky types and easily laughs at everything, easy to get along with, then you’re lucky. Baby modeling agencies are in search of babies who are easy to work with.

b. Are you willing to be patient? Not many aspiring models, babies included, get their big break right away. Being the proud parents of a baby model takes a lot of patience. There is always the issue of constant rejection when putting a baby into the world of baby modeling.

c. Ask Around: If you’re not sure where to start your search, Google “Model Agency Your Town” and get a list and start calling to see if they have a Children’s Division.  They key here to finding a legitimate agency is if they charge any upfront fees.  You should not be paying for anything, especially when babies are involved.  They don’t need professional pictures or lessons!!  You can also read books based on baby modeling.

d. Bring Your Own Photos: A legitimate modeling agency will never require you to pay for your child to get pictures.

Following the above mentioned guidelines will give your baby a head start in the baby modeling world. Good Luck!

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  • Sherly

    I would like to get my son into modeling. He is 21 months old and precious. Do you have any suggestions on agencies in the Dallas, Texas area?
    Thank you!

  • tanishk

    I would like to get my nephew into modeling. He is 2 n 1/2 years old and precious. Do you have any suggestions on agencies in the delhi n ncr ?
    Thank you!

  • danny

    Hi my daughter is 2years old name mariah very pretty very very long hair and i think she just has it in her to do anyhting that comes her way she watch the videos she does the walks and talks and every where we go people is asking me do she model or you reaaly need to sign her up im just looking for some help to ger started

  • nonhlanhla

    hi my son is only four months old you just cant resist his smile he is the cudest baby i ever seen i need help on how to get him into magazines like ackermans,jet and woolworths

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