Parents Magazine Cover Baby Contest


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why is it so difficult to cancel subscription to this magazine
- Rossana Fantoni
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Parents Magazine Cover Contest

Hey Mom and Dad! Parents Magazine Cover Baby Contest is being conducted by Parents Magazine which is published by Meredith Corporation, Parents Magazine is not only one of the most respected resources for parenting advice but is also the oldest parenting magazine published in the United States of America – They are currently hosting a baby contest called Parents Magazine Cover  Contest which is pretty exciting for moms with cute kids.


Learn about parents magazine:

Parents Magazine is for trendy moms with babies and young children. Parent Magazine editorial topics include: child health, kids safety, child behavior, discipline and child education. Its editorial focus is on the daily needs and concerns of contemporary moms with young children. They also cover healthy food, style & fashion, home decorating, parenting, relationships, style & beauty. The editor-in-chief of Parents Magazine Sally Lee, has grown the circulation and now it hovers around 2 million subscribers. You can imagine how many moms are going to get their child into their Parents Magazine Cover Baby Contest.

This comes directly from a press release about the Parents Magazine Baby Contest:

The editors of Parents want moms and dads to submit their children’s cute baby pictures to the magazine’s annual cover contest. Judges will select two of the cutest children to appear on the November 2009 issue’s dual cover. The winners will be chosen from two categories: one for kids three months to less than two years old and one for kids two to six years old.

“Upload up to six cute kid pictures to the online baby photo contest. Parents magazine will select the two cutest children to appear on the November cover. Any mom or dad who uploads up to six cute kid pictures to the online photo contest at will also be entered into a cash sweepstakes that will award a $10,000 cash prize to one lucky winner.”

History of Parents Magazine: The magazine was started by George J. Hecht in 1926. It was sold to Gruner + Jahr in 1978. Meredith acquired the magazine when Gruner + Jahr left the US magazine business in 2005.

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  • juan flores

    Can you enter more than one photo per child?


    My sweets son only 4 months.

  • Tamara m.

    My daughters mallory and melony will be famous someday! I love you both

  • terri

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    How do I Vote????

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    I need help downloading my sons pictures from facebook.

  • need info on voting for baby pictures.

    Please send me info on how to vote on baby photos showing.


    HOW CAN WE VOTE?thanks

  • Rossana Fantoni

    why is it so difficult to cancel subscription to this magazine

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