Acting Tips

How Long Should You Wait?

We’ve all been there…you send photos into an agency, and they don’t respond. Then you send more in, and still no response. How long do you wait until you try again? Unfortunately, this is typical within the modeling industry at any age. Agencies get flooded with pictures of kids all shapes and sizes, and it [...]

An Agency Requested a Video of Your Child?

That’s a good sign, but what to do now? You always want to make a great first impression, and with video it’s a little more difficult than just taking a photo. First of all, make sure you have the same mentality as when you are taking pictures – film your child several times and delete [...]

Get Kid’s Working Permit NOW

Not having a working permit can leave you in the dust! On set of my twins’ Cablevision Commercial job So, I have a lot of experience in the industry…DECADES of experience. Yet, I wasn’t prepared for what happened when my twins booked their first commercial. I always thought to myself that “they haven’t gotten many [...]

CuteKids on TV

As most of you know, I am on TV quite a bit and brought my children with me to film one of the segments of my show “Women Power” – link to see the video is below. At the age of 6, you can’t really expect too much from children…I have brought them to many [...]

Modeling/Acting “Did You Know’s”

DID YOU KNOW THAT… A “Talent Agency” may have a print division? Legitimate agencies never charge upfront fees? You don’t need professional pictures to get a modeling agency’s attention? Uploading recent photos to increases your chances of being noticed? You can usually be with more than one agency in your local area? Not all [...]

TV Auditions – What Do They Want?

My twin girls had an TV audition the other day for Chuck E. Cheese, which my husband dutifully took them to in NYC. Afterwards, I asked him, “What did they do? How did the girls do?” And all he could do was just look at me and say, “I don’t know.” Why doesn’t he know?  [...]

8X10 Headshots for Acting

Acting representation, either by a manager or talent agency, is usually always for children age five and over. You can absolutely send pictures into agencies for consideration that are not professional, but you will have an edge if you send in an 8X10 headshot.  THESE DO NOT HAVE TO BE PROFESSIONAL!!! You can take the [...]

Audition videos of your CuteKid

More and more, the modeling/acting industry is using videos to promote people, or to hold contests. Making a video is much like taking pictures of your child – make sure it is clear and shows personality.  Usually when someone requests a video they will tell you how long it should be, so do not go [...]

How do I get my kid in the modeling/acting industry?

A lot of the questions I receive are very much like this one – where do you begin? Well, it depends on a variety of things: your child’s age, where you live, etc. but the best place to start is your local area – besides TheCuteKid website, of course! To procure agency/manager representation, you really [...]

How do you know if a modeling agency is legit?

Do your research!! Find out if your state requires modeling agencies to have a license, and if they do, ask to see it. Also, go on the Better Business Bureau website to see if there are any complaints, as well as the Bureau of Consumer Protection. Finally, if they are trying to charge you an [...]