FORD Models open call for kids!!

Get your CuteKid in front of an agent from FORD Models!

They are having an open call in New Jersey on June 6th:




Do you have a CuteKid?

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  • Beth Borysewich

    Wow – would love for them to come to Vegas!!!!

  • matthew valentim

    Hi I am 9 years old, leave in Miami, Fl my phone # is 786 210-3704 or 786 356-6146 Pierre or Sandra.

    Height: 54″
    Hair: Dirty Blonde
    Eyes: Bronw
    DOB: 12/13/1999

    have a good day

  • Arianna Carrillo

    I have a baby who is so fun friendly and beautiful

  • sophia bearfield


  • Judy Goss

    Sophia – good luck!

    And Beth – TheCuteKid may be coming to Vegas…stay tuned!!

  • Athanasia Pantazopoulou

    Dear judy, I WOULD REALLY love it if my 2 girls 4 an 1 where apart of cutekids or any agents. i just find it hard to do anything because i dont know where to stary and i’m not in the u.s.a
    i’m from the statrs but i’ve been in Germany for the past 5 years and i would love to move back home to Denver,Co if my girls have some kind of chance. but i’m not up for paying rihgt now. i always say if agents want your kid then the $$$ should be talk about latter..(who knows what kids of $$$ that kid will make for them). the money things is just hard 4 me right now because i’m not working..if you can Help me and give me a step buy step about how i can get my girls in, but dose not need $$$ or maybe i can pay latter please let me know…… Maybe you know of some things in Germany….I feel like my girls have a good chance. they both look both very differnt (they are like night and day)but very sweet and i feel that they have a T.V OR Modeing talent……. (doset every mother feel like that about her kids? ; ))………. well i hope you cn help me………..Have a gret day…take care
    Athanasia Pantazopoulou

  • judy

    Hello Athanasia!

    You need to start your research – Use Google to find modeling agencies in your city, and don’t pay any money upfront!

    ESPECIALLY FOR YOUNG CHILDREN UNDER 5 YEARS OLD – there is NO reason to pay for modeling pictures!! Even the modeling agency will start selling the child to their clients without professional pictures because children that age change so quickly.

    If you want more information, please consider buying my book “Break Into Modeling for Under $20″

    Good luck!

  • Dominique Juste

    My son Dylan had 5 casting calls last month,was call back for one but did not get the part. I think sometimes he is uncooperative. what should I do to break him in. He was getting better but it has been two weeks and he has not been call

  • Yvette

    I have recently submitted my daughter’s picture to cutekids, Boogie Baby, and Elen’s Kids, and both Boogie Baby and Elen’s Kids would like to have us come in. How do I know which is the best company, and who has the best based business clientel as far as agents.


  • judy

    Dear Dominique,

    I don’t know how old your son is, but it sounds like maybe he needs a break from the business? You can’t “break children in” – whatever they want, they do. Only thing I would suggest is acting classes or workshops, if he is older than 5 years old.

  • judy

    Dear Yvette,
    You have to ask questions – lots of them! Make sure no one charges you an “upfront fee” to be with their agency – that is the #1 rule for choosing representation. When you go into see an agency or manager, they shouldn’t be telling you there are any fees to join, or that you need to pay for a required photo shoot unless it is a legitimate talent agency and your child is older and needs an 8X10 headshot.

  • stpehanie blair

    Good Morning,
    Your information is very informative,I do not like to waste anyones time may i send you our photo, i have been told by so many people it is one of the best they have ever seen! We are located just outside phila. Whom do you recommend for modeling agencies in our area !!

    Best Regards

  • judy

    Hi Stephanie,

    Thank-you! Glad you’re learning from what I have to tell…it won’t help for you to send ME your child’s photo, but try Greer-Lange Agency in Philadelphia – they’re great!!
    Good luck, and let me know what happens!

  • Ellenherrick

    What is the best Agency in the Houston area for my 11 year old son to register with? Thanks, Ellen Herrick

  • judy

    Dear Ellenherrick,
    I believe Page.713 has a children’s division – they are great in Houston!

  • Leslie

    Cleveland, Ohio agencies!?!?

    We have a 5 1/2 year old daughter Brooke was loves the camera as much as it loves her! She has a VERY unique look and we are complimented on her EVERYWHERE we go! Her hair and hairbows have become her trademark and she was even signed on to an agency in Cleveland when she was 3! After asking for $1200 for acting classes, we quickly removed her since we were stead fast in the we ONLY wanted to do print modeling! What and where can we go to get her started!?! Everyone is always telling us she should be a model, and she’s been entered into countless contests, but we need a real breakthrough here and I’m not finding that in the Cleveland, Ohio area!

    Thank you for your time!

  • Quadira Whitehead

    Hi Judy i live in Nj with my 5yr old son who i am trying two get into modeling/acting can you please give me some advice on how I can acheave my goal in getting started in this busness.
    My son has past experence in front of the camara. my son is interactive with meeting new people has a great smile an a great personality. seeking mom Quadira

  • judy

    Hi Quadira!

    Here are some instructions to sending in pictures to agencies:

    And here are some agencies in NYC:

    You should send your child’s pictures (head shot and full length with LOTS of personality, age, sizes, hair, eye color and ALL contact info) to:

    Ford Models
    111 Fifth Avenue
    NY NY 10003

    257 Park Ave south
    NY NY 10010

    300 Park Ave south
    NY NY 10010

    20 West 20th
    Suite 1008
    NY NY 10011

    Abrams Artists
    275 Seventh Ave
    26th floor
    NY NY 10001

    Put on all of the envelopes: “Attn: Youth Division” – very important!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  • Rosanne Lucisano

    Hi Judy,
    How do I get my beauty in modeling we live in Myrtle Beach is there somewhere near here I can go to.

  • judy

    What city are you close to?

  • Manny

    Judy! We live near NJ and we are interested in the open call! can you email me info? We have a 9 month old daughter and she is perfect! please email me. I just mailed photos to some agencies and added her pic to the contest!

  • judy

    Ok Manny!

  • Lydia Bracero

    I just recently signed up with one source talent in NYC. They had me have professional photos taken my daughter will be 5 in August 29th. I spoke to the director because I did not have the money for photos. Well he cut down $100.00 so I went. Now after reading th above information I feel like I’ve been scamed how do I find out if I were scamed or not or is it to late.

  • judy

    Hi Lydia,

    One Source Talent is not a modeling agency, and it’s a shame that they make you pay that for such a small child because agents actually PREFER non-professional photos when seeing a child for the first time.

    You should never have to pay any money to join an agency either, especially for children under the age of 5. When I was an agent at Ford, they got children work off of non-professional photos until the child started working and could pay for professional photos – this is VERY standard procedure with everyone, particularly kids who don’t make a lot of money in the industry in the first place.

    Thank-you for posting!

  • Melania

    My daughter Melania

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