What AGE do talent agencies start looking at kids?

Age 4 is generaly the age to start looking for representation in acting, but do realize that some “talent” agencies have a print modeling division to!  Which means that they may take children under 4 in that agency for modeling.  It’s best to check-out their website or call the receptionist for a complete list of divisions before you start sending in your pictures.

Gilla Roos is a reputable model and talent agency in New York City where you can submit pictures through their website (but just make sure you live close enough to the city to go on appointments!):

And LA Models is a great one in California: – but you have to send in your pictures by postal mail.

Good luck!  Would love to hear some success stories along the way!!!

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  • Tracy Lassiter

    I know I am like every other parent with the cutest baby in the world but I would like for my daughter to get noticed but she is only 7 months. How would I go about that?

  • Keshia

    how many time will do i have to send pictures before my child can be seen????

  • shellyQ

    “Gilla Roos abruptly closed their doors on 2/20/09″ according to reviews on

  • Lucinda

    I am a african-american with a red hair, outspoken 6 year old daughter. Need help finding reputable agency in atlanta. Bad experience with model productions. Can I get some directions.

  • judy

    Hi Lucinda,

    I’m sorry about your bad experience! What happened?

    Try these guys, they look legit from their website (send pictures to the below address):

    People Store and Hot Shot Kids
    645 Lambert Drive
    Atlanta, GA 30324

    Then try Googling “model agency atlanta” and then “talent agency atlanta” and start sending pictures into the agencies that do NOT charge anything!! You may have to get a professional head shot if you join a talent agency, but the modeling agency should start you off with what you have.

    Good luck!

    Let me know what happens!!!

  • judy

    Hi Tracy,

    Sorry for the delay in answering your comment, I somehow did not see this one until now!

    You need to send in pictures to the modeling agencies that have kid’s divisions (and call first to make sure they represent babies to) – just don’t let anyone charge you any money, or tell you you need professional pictures for a baby!

    If you don’t get a response, try again in three months.

    Thanks for posting!

  • judy

    Dear Keshia,

    There is no answer to the question of how long it will take to break into modeling or acting.

    Unfortunately it takes a LOT of patience, waiting and perserverance.

    Hang in there! If you really want this for your child you need to keep trying…it took me several years to finally get in with Ford, and I just kept showing up at their door with different pictures.

    Thanks for posting!

  • Bev

    Hi I am the mom of an animated, intelligent and talented 5 year old who has an interest in acting, modelling, and print work. We are from the MI area where he has local representation. However he has gotten one job where he is yet to be paid. We have sent his comp cards out to agencies in the Chicago area they contaced us about an interview upon discovering that we are from MI we were informed we could not be represented. Now we are 3 hours from Chicago. We continue to submit him, note he also has representation in OH which is 5 hours away. Please share your expertise…thanks

  • Erica

    This post was very helpful, thanks for all the positive responses, too. Another good site for acting and tips from within the industry is

    check it out for tips, casting calls, blogs and more!

  • judy

    Hi Bev,

    My expertise? Don’t give up!! It sometimes takes months or even years to get to where you want to be. Keep marketing your child every few months.

    Chicago is a big market for modeling, and they may not want to represent you because of the back and forth traveling you will have to do for castings – there is a lot of schlepping, callbacks, early call times, etc. and agencies hesitate to represent people who are farther than one hour away…but KEEP TRYING ANYWAY!

  • Joshua Herrera

    Good youtube videos and article too :D

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