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Our member services group receives hundreds of queries each month. Here are helpful answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If you don't find the answer to your question on this page, feel free to contact us at

When does judging begin and when are the winners announced?
Judging begins on the 1st day of the following month (e.g. judging for the January contest begins on February 1.) The judging period lasts approximately one week. We contact our monthly winners shortly after, and announce the category winners, overall winners, and honorable mentions on the "monthly winners" page of our website on approximately the 15th of the following month.
How Can I Vote?
You have a chance to help pick a winner in our Special Galleries... the place for your family, friends, and you to vote for your favorite photos. The voting and scoring for The CuteKid Photo Contest is done by our professional talent and casting agents. This is what makes The CuteKid unique. Our judges have years of industry experience spotting talent and selecting fresh faces.
Can I upload and enter photos for someone else?
You can upload a child's photo with the permission of the child's parent or legal guardian. You must create a member account in your name, not in the name of the child's parents/guardian.
I just submitted my child's photo, which month's contest will it be entered into?
The CuteKid Photo Contests run on the calendar month, ending at 11:59pm ET of the last day of the month. Any photo submitted in a given month is automatically entered into that month's contest
How many pictures are entered into each contest?
There is no set number of entrants in our contests. Each monthly contest varies by participation. The CuteKid judges select six Category Winners (Baby, Toddler, Preschooler, Big Kid, Preteen, Multiples), and one overall winner is selected from among these six Category Winners each month. It is our goal to reward and recognize many CuteKid entrants, not just one. With so much cuteness, we wish we could make everyone a winner!
Does everyone have access to my photo account?
Your photo account, as well as photos you’ve entered into our contest, can only be accessed by an authorized talent agent, CuteKid judges and staff, and YOU! (You are provided a user name and password for access to your photos at any time.) If your child is a CuteKid Photo Contest winner, an Honorable Mention, featured in our Sneak Peeks or selected as a winner in a Special Gallery, we’ll publish your child's photo on our Winners’ Photo Page. Additionally, we reserve the right to use that photo for promotion of The CuteKid through the website, promotional materials, and possibly in child or baby magazines! Any uploaded photos are viewable by the general public in the Monthly Gallery; however, you may opt to make your photo private so it will only be seen by you and The CuteKid staff, judges and authorized agents.
Do I have to pay anything?
The CuteKid allows members to upload and save their photos on our site free of charge. If you would like to be included in one of the monthly CuteKid Photo Contests, there is a fee of $19.95 per photo. Our Special Galleries and Monthly Galleries are free to enter.
Do the judges review every photo submitted?
Yes... every photo entered each month into The CuteKid Photo Contest is carefully reviewed and judged.
Can I enter a professional photo?
Although our judges prefer that you do not submit professional photos, you can enter them into The CuteKid Photo Contest. Please be advised that if your professional photo is chosen as a finalist or winner, you'll need to obtain written authorization from the photographer for use of the photo.
Where does The CuteKid store my child's personal information?
Your information is kept secure within our databases. Additionally, when entering our online contests, the entire order process is secured and authenticated by an SSL security certificate. reserves the right to send promotional materials to its members.
What happens if I submit more than one photo into a contest?
You increase your chances of winning! Each photo entered into any of our online contests will be judged separately on its own merit. These photos will not be combined, so judges can choose which photo they prefer. In other words, the more photos you enter, the more chances you have to win.
My credit card was declined because of AVS mismatch, what does that mean?
The address on your CuteKid member account must match the address on the billing statement of your credit card. Please put any apartment number details on the proper address line.
Is the contest open to international contestants?
Absolutely! The CuteKid contest is open to members from all around the world! We are proud to currently have members in over 150 countries.
What ages is the contest open to?
Children from 0-12 years of age may enter the contest.

Here are the age ranges and categories of prizes:
Baby: 0-1 year
Toddler: 1-2 years
Pre-K: 2-4 years
Big Kid: 4-8 years
Preteen: 8-12 years
Multiples: 0-12 years
What if I want to delete my CuteKid account?
Members are unable to delete their own CuteKid accounts. If you are sure that you would no longer like to be a member of The CuteKid and would like your account deleted, please contact customer service at
What's the difference between the Monthly People's Choice Award and the regular monthly contest?
They're 2 different awards - one is judged by industry professionals, and the other is judged by YOU!
Each month, contest entrants have a chance to win our professionally judged CuteKid of the Year contest, with big monthly prizes and a $25,000* grand prize. Even if you don't enter the contest, all photos uploaded to The CuteKid are also eligible for the Monthly People's Choice Award, where CuteKid members choose a winner. Get votes for your photo when you share it with family and friends. The photo with the most votes wins the People's Choice Award, cash & prizes. Each month is a new chance to win.
What is the People's Choice Gallery?
The People's Choice Gallery is FREE to enter, and a new gallery begins every month. You may enter as many photos per month as you'd like. You, your friends and family and other CuteKid members can vote on the photos in the gallery, and all photos are eligible to be voted on, unless they are marked "private".

We encourage you to vote each day. When you return the next day to vote again, be sure to clear your cookies/cache and open a new browser to ensure the system recognizes your vote. We verify all votes to ensure their legitimacy, in the spirit of the contest. Only legitimate votes received throughout the month will be considered in determining the winner.

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