Crayola Winners!

Way to go to the group of CuteKids who were selected for the Crayola casting with pro photographer, Jade Albert in NYC!

The kids all had a blast and also got fun goodies from Crayola to take home with them!

Another exciting perk was that the 2010 CuteKid of the Year, Kevan, was one of the kids who participated in the shoot.

Congrats to the winners!
Aiden, Alexa, Kaycee, Braden, Aliyah, Cole, Alyssa, Anayah, Dejean, Jaden, Jayla, Gianna, Madison, Kylie, Jeffrey, Honesty, Serenity, Emilyanne, Luca, Kevan, Jake, Juliana, Bella, Liam, Quinn, Cassidy, Madison, Mya, Sophia, Antonio, Marcus, Sadie, Tyler, Savannah, Elizabeth, Aidan, Matt, Simona, Jahaad, Bobby, Uulani, Sage, Nicholas, Jacob, William, Cheyenne, Noah, Vanessa and Alex!


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  • Margie

    Yay…can’t wait to see the final photos…Congratulations to all the winners, including my Kaycee…

  • janet

    so this is legit? i’ve been a bit skeptical.

  • Carolyn

    Congratulations to all the winners, have fun. Amber next you will make it.

  • cindy

    congrats too al you Cute Kids :)

  • Alex

    I am still skeptical to this kind of contest as you need to pay everytime that you want to enter to the contest but if I go to the magazine or product website of the contest the registration is for free, and for me with twins is going to be so expensive everytime that I want to enter to any contest

  • Rob

    I have the same question….so this is legit? i am skeptical.

  • Rob

    did you get a response?

  • Hesthia

    Does South Africa children ever win?

  • Lindsey Pritchett

    I dont think this is legit. Sorry.

  • Margie

    Yes and the CuteKid team are awesome with the kids…

  • negin

    congrats too al you Cute Kids

  • Jamie

    My daughters name is on the list of names but how do i know if it’s her. There is a lot of Kylie.

  • Stephanie

    Scam!! This is such a rip off!!

  • Deanna

    Cute Kid is legit. No scam here!! They have contest and you pay a fee for entering a photo for the contest. They have winners every month and then an overall winner every year. They have different contest for modeling jobs also.
    Generally if you enter the monthly contest then you are automatically entered for any special contest for the modeling jobs. My daughter was a finalist for a model search they helped host, she was signed with an agency and has been working various jobs since. THANKS CUTEKID!!!

  • Deanna

    Congratulations to all the winners – can’t wait to see the photos and I hope you had a blast.

  • Ginette Mott

    This is so true


    No offense but some of the kids that I have seen win some of the contests are not that “CUTE”

  • Karen

    We had a blast!! Everyone was so kind and friendly! Thank you for choosing my son Tyler…. he had an awesome time smiling for the camera and chatting it up with everyone!

  • sandra

    All parents think their child is beautiful, but I know mine is because wherever we go people say that she is a gerber baby and we should get her into movies. I have done everything I can to get a good photo of her on here and have paid for contests since January and nothing. Tried the VIP membership and nothing. I am still in this last contest, but do feel there is a catch here, like maybe it’s a scam. I have viewed some of the previous winning photos (weekly winners and such) and some of these children arent as cute as others who I felt should of or could have won. Some of the photo’s are way too close or it’s a not so attractive pose. I just don’t understand why some of these children are winning and others are not, including my infant daughter… I have to be honest. There are some adorable children here and they are being beat by some that aren’t so adorable.

  • Maria

    So, how much money did you spend before they picked your daughter? This is getting to be very expensive for me. I’m out.

  • Angela

    So I noticed that there were seven photos but a whole bunch of winners! My child’s name is Bella… Bella Grace… was she one of the winners?

  • Barbara S. Reall

    I saw Nicholas’ name initially but when I clicked on the link, it was gone. Why????? :(

  • michelle mclaughlin

    My two boys Liam and Quinn were winners. They were treated very well and truly had a blast. Looking forward to more!!!. Thank you Cute Kid and VIP. Will we be able to see the finished product???

  • karla

    Yes it was legit. My daughter was one of the kids chosen for the photo shoot. You didnt have to pay for this contest just had to upload new photos to your gallery.

  • Tamie

    I am starting to wonder if this is a scam myself…I entered and paid for at least Five (5) different photos in different settings and outfits for March and my Daughter didnt even get an Honorable Mention…:o(

  • angel

    I have a hard time believing it’s legit too? Why do you have to pay every time you submit a photo? How are you notified if you actually win?
    Has anyone reading this actually won??

  • anna

    why do you have to pay to submit a photo to a contest? RIP OFF

  • jenny

    this is stupid!all the winners always have the same guys don’t look for unique u look for bland boring and not so cute!

  • Tim

    To all the parents that didnt win and think that makes the contest a scam. They have a prize for you for entering. A years supply of “Sour Grapes”

  • Kay

    Did you enter the contest for the month or just post a picture?

  • Tamie

    I was just giving my Opinion and Everyone is Entitled to That!!!!..Maybe you ppl dont like hearing the Truth

  • Ivelina Velinova

    Why do I have to pay every time to enter the contest? I don’t think this is honest and legit!!

  • Lillian

    Or Canada ?????

  • April

    Question; how come *most* (note I said most, not all) of the pictures that win these contests look like professional shots? I thought that wasn’t allowed…

  • Larine

    I really don’t believe that this is a legitimate site they are very shady

  • Kim

    Yes, it is legit…I sent in my son, Braden’s photo (did not enter and specific contest or pay any $) and he was chosen. His first photoshoot! He did great…keep trying!

  • Rebecca

    My nephew is Kevan, the one that won the 2010 CuteKid of the Year contest. My sister took him to New York and did the photo shoot. So it is legit. I can’t wait to see the photos too.

  • gayelle

    i don’t think too many children of diverse backgrounds win

  • Debbie

    Congratulations to my son Bobby and all the other winners!!!

  • Alice Curtis

    When will all the photos of the winners be available?

  • Melissa

    Hi Angela,

    All the names listed were the winners. The shoot took place already – so this was another cutie named Bella. Stay tuned for future castings. Good luck! The CuteKid

  • Francine

    I do believe this is legit. However, it seems that the judges are only interested in choosing blond haired, pale skin, blue eyed kids and only splash in a few children of “color” so they don’t look biased. Even the “colored” children they choose are mixed or fair skinned with “good” hair.

  • Melissa

    Hi Maria,

    In order to be considered for Crayola, an uploaded photo was all that was needed, you didn’t need to enter that month’s CuteKid contest to be in the running. Please stay tuned to future opportunities for your child.

    Good luck.

  • Francine

    so now opinions are synonymous with truth??

  • Francine

    I agree. A lot of these children are plain jane.

  • Melissa

    Hi Barbara,

    Where did you see Nicholas’ name?


  • Melissa

    Hi Jamie,

    The shoot took place already, so this Kylie was not your child. Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities.

    The CuteKid team

  • Maria

    love how they wrote to me the judges viewed my child’s photo and want to see more…so next step…they ask for more pics which means more $$$….I’m with you above…I’m out of this contest..this is not a free contest at all!

  • Fran

    This is legit. I never had to pay to upload my daughter’s picture and she was a winner for the Crayola shoot and by the way, Cheyenne had a blast!

  • Lizzy

    My child was chosen as one of the winners. She is far from boring, bland or “not so cute.” I take that comment personally because she is one of the pictured kids on the page…… so there is a good chance you are referring to her. As a mother you should know better than to say those things about children. All children are special in their own way. Don’t be hateful just because your child wasn’t chosen. It doesn’t mean your child isn’t cute.

  • Joe Smith

    P.T. Baurnam said there is a sucker born every minute.

  • Lillian

    You enter your child in a cutekid contest, then you have to be open for critique. Sorry, but not all kids are cute. If that were the case then there wouldn’t be contests. The kids I seen on this page looked plain to me. However, society has dictated what constitutes cute; blonde hair and blue eyes seems to be the mold. Don’t see much of Asians,Africans or other children of color.

  • Trista

    You said that you never had to pay to upload your child’s photo, but every time I try to enter the contest, they are trying to charge me $19.95 per photo entry. How come? How did you do it without paying?

  • YARI


  • Melissa

    Hi Trista,

    There is no fee to upload new photos to your account. However, to enter a picture to the monthly CuteKid contest, there is a fee per photo. Good luck, The CuteKid team

  • Melissa

    Hi Yari,

    In order to be in the running for the Crayola contest, you had to upload a new photo for the month of March. To qualify for the monthly CuteKid contest, you must pay the contest fee per photo.

    Best of luck,

    The CuteKid team

  • Lori

    Congratulations to my baby Vanessa and all of the other winners !!!! The photo-shoot was a great experience.

  • Melissa

    Hi Maria,

    Uploading new photos to your account is free of cost. Please add more new fresh pics anytime for a chance to be reviewed by our pros. There is a fee if you wish to enter any photo into the monthly contest, but there is no cost to add photos to your account.

    Thank you,

    The CuteKid team

  • Melissa

    Hi Ivelina,

    Thank you for your question. There is a registration fee for each photo that is entered into the contest handling the processing of each photo, as well as prizes, and press budgets. You receive $78 in giveaways with the registration fee. Keep in mind, you an upload photos to your account for no cost at any time. Good luck, The CuteKid Team

  • Melissa

    Hi Anna,

    Thank you for your question. There is a registration fee for each photo that is entered into the contest handling the processing of each photo, as well as prizes, and press budgets. You receive $78 in giveaways with the registration fee. Keep in mind, you an upload photos to your account for no cost at any time. Good luck, The CuteKid Team

  • Carmen

    Congratulations to my girls Honesty and Serenity… They loved the goodies it was like christmas all over again!!!!

  • kendra

    Yes,it is real & legitimate. Most people don’t understand the nature of the business. It’s not what we think of as cute, It’s the ones paying for the commercials & ads who decide. Agencies try to bring on only talent they know will be hired. As a parent of 4 children, all in the business to some degree, you learn you won’t get every part/job you audition for because you can’t u

  • Suzie Rockefeller

    my little darling hasnt won yet, but I have a feeling shes gonna win soon.

  • Joanne

    Are the final photos going to be posted soon?

  • Stephanie

    Yea really!!!

  • Stephanie

    I agree!!! plain jane!!

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    I’ve spent more than $ 100 I needed to borrow and have received nothing. Not even a thank you. Nothing. Photos are amazing even. Frankly I’m very suspicious of the veracity of these contests. My daughter is called Maia Kuikuro anyone has seen her picture here on the site. Look at facebook or Maia Maia Bello Kuikuro and may see these amazing places and it was an injustice she did not win anything here. That money spent did miss for me.
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  • joyce ann labrador

    my little darling hasnt wont yet,but i have a feeling shes gonna win soon.and i hope this is her good future..

  • Lori

    Does anyone have any idea when the final photos will be posted? It has been well over a month since the photo-shoot. I’m anxious! : )

  • Joanne

    I’m hoping soon, starting to question it.

  • Gyongyi

    I agree Maria!!! I uploaded some very cute baby pictures, got the email that the judges needed more of my Son, but he never gets picked. I won’t waste any money into the contest that’s for sure! I think my son Dominick is a very cute little boy, just simply doesn’t get a chance!

  • charlene

    I would like to know do you have to [pay to post the pictures? every time I go to the web site after I finish the picture it wants me to pay with a credit card?

  • Alice Curtis

    Can you please tell us all when the Crayola winners will be published.

  • Stephanie

    I hope my photos look professional…and sometimes I watermark them…but I am not a professional photographer. Unless I have a great shot of my child’s face or expression without a plain background, I usually try to at least make the background a non-distracting one. I anyone is posting professional photos anywhere, they should have copyright permission from the photographer (I actually do not know if it is legal to post professional pics on this site or not, though.)…

  • Stephanie D.

    I will put my name as Stephanie D. to differentiate me from the other Stephanie commenting on here! ; )

  • Stephanie D.

    Hi! I am a mom, and a non-professional photographer of my child, whose pictures I submit to Unless I have a great shot of my child’s face and/or expression without it, I usually try to take my child’s picture against a non-distracting background; and sometimes I even watermark my pics. If anyone posts pics from a professional photographer anywhere, they should have a copyright release from that photographer (I am not sure if professional pics are “allowed” on this site or not, though.)…

  • Stephanie D.

    And people, I am pretty new to this site, but even I see there is a difference between posting a picture(s) to your account/the site and posting a picture to be in the CuteKid contest! It is free to upload photos to your account; but you have to pay for each photo you enter in the contest. Sometimes photos are considered for photo shoots if you just upload a new pic of your cutie to your account (free) that month….hope this helps to clarify for those who are having trouble distinguishing between the two…

  • Melissa

    Hi Charlene,

    It is free to upload new pics to your account. There is only a fee when you choose to enter the monthly CuteKid contest.

    Good luck!

    The CuteKid Team

  • Samantha


    Are these monthly contest (like the deboarh cox one) for Americans only?
    I tried to look for the rules and reg and can’t seem to find if Canadians are eligible, like my daughter.

    Please let me know if I’m wasting my time, lol!!!!
    Thanks for your time,
    Samantha V

    My daughter Mya is worth giving a double look:-)

  • Petra

    I think it’s funny how some of these mom’s think it’s a ripoff when their child doesn’t win. Hmmm could it maybe be your child isn’t that cute? Even is someone says it’s a Gerber baby doesn’t mean it is, lol funny.

  • Melissa

    Hi Samantha,

    The CuteKid contests are open internationally. Just be sure to observe your local contest laws. Canadians have been winners in the past. Best of luck to you and your daughter.

    The CuteKid Team

  • Yuliani Stockdale

    Hi, I just wanna ask when you will announce the winner for May 2011?

  • Melissa

    Stay tuned… winners will be announced on June 9!

  • Yuliani Stockdale

    thank you :)

  • Lori

    Melissa, when will the Crayola pictures be published?

  • Karen

    Hi CuteKids team! Was wondering if there has been any word on the Crayola photoshoot and when we can expect to see or hear something about it. :-) Thank you!


    i am an Egyptian living in Kenya, so I WONDER if my kid have any opportunity to win??

  • Emma

    For those of you who have the front to actually call peoples kids “not that cute” – thats pretty sick. Does ‘beauty being the eye of the beholder’ ring any bells? – equally, for those who seek the praise of others to value your own children being ‘ cute’ based on some strangers opinion- well thats just wrong too. Competing kids looks against one another- thatsjust wrong, but if its for the kids to have the experience for the day, maybe boost their self esteem- great, why not. Seems the parents need to take stock of what its all about

  • Bilalswabi35

    congrats to all baby by me from Pakistan thanks to all commenter.
    My skype bilalswabi35

  • Trisha

    Hello I was just wondering if your child wins something are u contacted or do you have to look things up to know?

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